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About Project

SG Elections is a labor of love by the two founders and principal engineers of V|R, a Singaporean UX and data visualization company.

Both Kok Keong and I had wanted to do an elections visualization for the longest time, in part sparked by a potential client who wanted us to do similar work.

We wanted to do it as a showcase of our data design and visualization skills, but also because we were genuinely interested in creating a useful high-quality Singapore elections visualization for people to play with that we don't think existed before. Till now. :)

If you're interested in map embeds, please check out the embedding elections map post at our V/R blog.

Hope you enjoy this! Do pop by Viz.Sg for more Singaporean visualizations. Or stop by V|R to see more fun projects like animations and content games.

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Written with JQuery, D3, GreenSock, Bootstrap, Underscore, FontAwesome, Google Fonts.

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